Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The one where I change my name (as viewed on my new blog site)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The one where I move my blog

New website! (still tweaking for perfection)

You will be able to follow by subscribing to the feed.

Thanks so much!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The one with the lovely photos from the opening.

I just LOVE my new awning!  For over four years now I think some people were confused as to what type of shop Saffron and Genevieve is (so am I, sometimes;).  Now they will know!  So, I took that photo of the front of my shop, but two other photographers are responsible for the rest of these beautiful pics.  Beau Saunders and Jefferson Peak  came to Michelle Stitz's opening last Friday.  I'm so happy they were able to capture these images and share them with me, and you!  Enjoy!

PS I just brought in some fabulous new/old stuff!  Check out my other blog for details.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Michelle Stitz at Saffron and Genevieve

I am so excited to exhibit the new
Clear Forest Series by Michelle Stitz here at 
Saffron and Genevieve.
 I first learned about her from a client, who showed me a piece she had of Michelle's right off the bat and said "this we love, this is the feeling we want in our home". 
Peruse her website to learn more, I'm sure you will be as enchanted as I am.

Please join us on
Friday, April 9th from 6-9 pm
for a lovely evening with the artist. 
We'll have the bubbly flowing, desserts,
hors d'oeuvres, girls in pretty dresses, and great music!

"Michelle Stitz's ethereal forests made in layers of clear resin evoke a timeless vision, a dreamland with falling blossoms that move as the light passes"
A. Lyons

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The one with a little background

I was thinking today about how I got here.  I get asked about it all of the time and am always happy to share information, especially if it helps someone follow their dream.  I still sometimes can't believe I'm actually here, so I thought about it, and here goes:

The short version is, I always wanted to have a shop and be an interior designer, when all other jobs failed me, I dared myself and I did it.  Telling everyone you know you are going to do something is also highly recommended, after a while it's really embarrassing if you haven't done it yet ;)

When I was a young girl I loved designing my bedroom.  A great birthday present for me was new wallpaper or paint.  My friends and my sisters had posters of teen beat heart throbs on their walls, I did not.  When I got older and moved out on my own I decided I really didn't like any of the furniture and accessories that were available.  I spent a lot of time at the thrift stores, and if I did buy new I would modify it somehow (usually with a faux marble paint job ;)  I really got into faux painting, I painted major square footage at the nightclub I worked at, I taught classes at the community center in Saratoga, I went out for hire and did kitchens and bathrooms.  At one point I even painted my phone...

My first job was at Longs Drugs, in the cosmetics department.  I went on to a bit of schooling for that and did makeup for YSL and Ultima II, Christian Dior and yes, I sprayed perfume.  Poison, to be exact, quite possibly the worst job for a shy girl like me to have.  Whenever things stopped being fun I moved on to another career path.  I became a bookkeeper (on the job training), a great choice that still helps me to this day.  I worked in a nightclub where I was not shy, I played vip doorgirl, bartender, coat check girl, security (yes I did, I can bounce a drunk if I need to), and bar manager. While I did that I was also a live in nanny, for one of the greatest families I have ever known, and still consider family.

In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to own my own shop, I planned it often.  I was making a line of jewelry (which came about when I couldn't bear to have on the same necklace as anyone else), and taking business management classes. I went to work in Los Gatos, for a great designer who owned a Benjamin Moore paint store/interior design business.  I learned SO much there, and my knowledge of color, paint, customer service, and getting super technical in every aspect of design (that's how I roll) is something I use every day.  When it was time to leave, after managing for 5 years, I went to work for another amazing designer.  I could only hang in there for two months (great designers are not always known for their people skills), but I learned SO much and found a deep love of fine English antiques as well as linen, hemp, natural fabrics and especially vintage linens...that I will never ever lose.  I also went to work for the upholsterer I had used for the past 6 years, and learned again, SO much about everything technical, what can and can not be done. 

I was so ready to do things my way, and work for myself, but not ready to take the leap.  I went to work for one more shop, this time in Aptos, to gain more retail experience.  After 6 months there I knew I could and had to do it, and in April of 2005 I began the process.  Step 1, decide on a name, fictitious name permit, business license, mentor from the Small Business Development Center, LOAN(s), search for the perfect space, get inventory, close my eyes tight (although my mentor made sure they were wide open) take a deep breath and a giant leap.

Five years later, I feel the shop (and me), has FINALLY come into it's own.  It's ever evolving, so wonderful and also super scary at times.  I am doing more interior design work than ever, and the appreciation from my clients is SO rewarding.  I feel so lucky to be able to shop like I do, and buy some of the most fabulous things, although my goal is to be able to buy ALL of the fabulous things I see and bring them back here to you.  When you come in and just go nuts over my finds, and really GET me, it keeps me going, it really does.  So, future goals for me and the shop... continue to help make people happy in their homes, branch out into designing shops for others, clone myself so I can be out shopping and working with clients and reading in my hammock and also working in the shop ;)

Just do it,


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The one with the BABY DOLL MOLD LIGHTING!!!!

I have been waiting for these for almost a year now, ever since Frank opened his up trunk at that tavern in Texas, and I first saw the baby doll molds.  It was one of the most exciting nights of my life!  He always has the best surprises for me and I really think he just likes to see my happy dance.  These are few and far between, Frank does an excellent job of wiring and mounting them.  Look how fabulous the sconces look flanking my antique botanicals!  They don't have to go in a funky setting, I would love them in a traditional dining room.  Definitely conversation pieces, sculpture, works of functional art.  LOVE!  Contact me for pricing and more information.  Check out my other blog to see what else he brought me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The one where it's already mid February

I went to Alameda on Sunday, and found some fabulous things, which you can see here.  Monday I went to the SF gift show, where I was stoked to find a new perfume line.  I'm a sucker for good packaging, a good story and most importantly a great scent.  Should be arriving shortly, so excited!

Oh the photos...Maurice Connolly, who I seem to write about a lot, has been prolific lately with his recycled wine cask spheres, a well as his photographs of them.  I'll say again it in case you don't know, that I am proud to HAVE THESE FOR SALE IN MY SHOP.  They just have such soul, and are so beautiful and throw beautiful light so artfully.  If you buy one I think you also need to meet him so you can see the passion that he puts into them and you will really appreciate it ever so much more.  They do not need to be lit, they can just sit around, inside or out.  Take the case of the Santa Cruz NEXTies, where I hooked up Maurice with Timerie Gordon, who was in charge of taking an empty wherehouse (the old Wrigley factory) and making it uber fabulous with no budget and using all recycled materials.  The spheres and pendants were hung from old pulleys, lit in many ways, and also had them lying around.  It was amazing, Timerie and her husband Christian Nielson, as well as a host of unpaid helpers, making art for the sake of making art.  I will let the pictures tell the story, and I want to thank everyone involved, I had a fabulous time at the party of the year!

Back to the ruggedly handsome Maurice, he has been fanatically taking photos of his art in various locations.  I think the photos are a work of art on their own.  My favorites are at the beach, but also of course they are beautiful inside, last week Dee at Harley Farms was nice enough to let him hang and photograph them in their amazing barn.  I love them with a lone bulb, so the light can make great patterns, but I think they would also be fabulous with a crystal chandelier in the right setting.

Can you believe it's February 12th?  I've kept to my resolutions pretty good so far, except for the one where I become an amazing photographer with a fancy-shmancy camera.  I just don't have time or focus to learn, the books are beyond me, and I am not good with extraneous gadgets that need more gadgets and parts and all of these parts are something I need to worry about.  I am ok with my old decent digital camera, and ok with hiring a professional if I really need one, so I've sold said camera.  To Maurice :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The one where I finally re-do the store

It's been over 4 years since I painted this green on the walls, and in this space I tire of things much quicker than I do at home.  I've really been itching to change things up in here, as always.  I decided on benjamin moore's lancaster white for 2 of the walls.  I left the one amazing blue grey section, and a couple of green sections are still here.  At some point I plan on painting the concrete floors in the blue grey as well.  Here are some photos of the new arrangements and the lovely cream on the bottom.  I also moved my cash wrap counter next to my design studio, so they work seamlessly, and I have already been loads more productive.

2010 is certainly living up to all that I had hoped so far, I have renewed spirit and energy and a wonderful sense of...something, something very good.  I wish all of you the very best this year.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The first one of the new decade

Maurice Connolly, I've written about him before, and here I go again.  He's made two light fixtures for me that are now hanging in the shop.  The pattern they throw on the walls and ceiling is amazing.  Come see.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy holidays and a peaceful splendid new year!

This was a wild and wonderful year.  At times I felt like I was hanging on by my fingernails, but not to worry,
I would never let go.  Thankfully the Christmas spirit infused Santa Cruz and it seemed as if every able bodied person with excellent taste flocked to my shop rather than the mall to get special presents for all
(and some for themselves to be sure ;) 
I hope the holidays are very special for you, and wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. I think I'm going to take a few days to rest, a couple to go scouting around for goodies to restock the shop and another couple to change things up in here a bit.  See you in 2010!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The one about Jill Dion

Jill is a Santa Cruz local, I met her in the shop, she buys a lot of my cool stuff and we got to talking one day about these stones she crochets. Crocheted stones!!! I told her she must bring them in immediately. I am so in love with the stones and the rest of her art. She is fabulous at painting animals, or even stitching by hand free form on felt. She volunteers at the Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz, and has five cats, so animals are near to her heart. I could go on and on about her and all of the other fabulous art she comes up with, but I'm hoping you will come in and see for yourself. She's also got an etsy shop if you can't make it in.  
These mini bunnies paintings are so amazing,
I'm so lucky I get first dibs because I snatched them right up,
they are the perfect Christmas gift for a friend who I bet is not reading my blog so I'm not worried ;-)
I also picked 3 pretty nice stones for myself,
but there are plenty more for you here.  
She is making them as fast as she can, and 70% of sales are going to this scholarship:
Health Care Endowed Scholarship for students enrolled in Cabrillo College’s Allied Health Programs including Radiologic Technology, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting and other healthcare related programs in celebration of Cabrillo’s 50th Anniversary. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The one with the crafts for the open house this Saturday.

handmade stockings from Katie Baker

paper doll assemblage from Ronda at Rooks Hideout

This collection of tiny shells in boxes came to me, and became the perfect ornaments for my tree

letter press boxed cards and coasters from Laurie of Lucky Bee Press

felted recycled sweater flower pins and assemblage from Diane Ritch

Come in on Saturday from 11-5 and enter to win this lovely vintage inspired church!  Many of the artists have left their goods with me already, still to come are turned wood bottle stoppers by Larry Riordan, vintage reassembled jewelry by Alice Riordan, crochets stones from Jill Dion, and more wonderful jewelry from Mabel Chong.  For all of the details for the open house click here
See you Saturday!