Saturday, January 31, 2009

The one with the doll factory molds

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that these amazing beauties get to live in my shop for a little while until they find new homes. Direct from a doll factory in upstate New York, these copper molds are in untouched verdigris condition and still exactly how they were on the plates when they were pumped with latex for someone's new baby doll. There are only 2 racks, each with 9 heads.
Another great and very unique object d'art, 9 stages of the ovum, from 1941. Little sculptures of joy!

This is just one of the amazing light fixtures made from old rusty parts by Joe Romero, a local guy. These are so well thought out and every detail is perfect. Note the shadow this casts on the chest.
The dollhead is separate.

Below are beautifully painstakingly made spheres, and Saturn, made from the stays from old wine casks. Maurice Connolly, another local artist, even makes his own rivets to keep things in place. Hang inside or out, or just leave in the garden.

Hands have a story. The one is off of a statue in Israel, after someone decided the cartoony-mickey mouse like character should have only 3 fingers and a thumb, and it was replaced with such.
The glove molds are still on the original base that was used to dip into the rubber. The size of this art is awesome.

I have a pair of these lovely concrete lions with pedestals. The patina could not be more perfect.

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