Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The one where I am headed off to Round Top for the 3rd time

I’m off to Round Top Antique Fair on Saturday, so I thought I would write a bit to keep you up to date. On September 15th I had my 2 year anniversary party and sale. It was very nice, customers only went through 3 bottles of champagne, but it was pretty early. I do still have some things marked at cost to make room for my new finds.

Also happening very soon is my new baby section. Everyone needs a baby gift at some point, and even I have trouble finding something special enough. Cayce Ellison, who owns Blue Apple Studios in Aptos, will be in charge of that section of the store. She had her own baby (cute as a button little Jack Henry) last year and has come up with a lot of very special things, including her own fabulous one of a kind artwork. If you need a baby gift, or want to decorate your child’s room in a very special way, this will be the place to come. I will let you know the moment we are ready.

I’m not sure if everyone knows you can also find a wonderful wedding gift here as well. I love love love the Juliska glassware. I can’t imagine anyone receiving it and not using it. It’s very durable, but looks so delicate. I also have a lot of more personal antiques that would be appreciated.

I have been super busy with interior design work. It has been a very fulfilling year for me. I am lucky to have the best clients who truly appreciate what I can do for them. I’m having a blast!

The week after I get back from Texas is Alameda, and then the country show in Los Altos. I’m so stoked for all of the cool stuff I will find!

And finally I have scheduled a craft night. We will be painting linen pillow shams, and you do not need to be an artist, I swear. Cost of the class is $45 for materials. October 11 at 7pm. This will fill up super quick so call or email as soon as you can. 831-462-4506. adults only, please.