Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The one with the sideboards

It's that time of year when we think about entertaining, all of our pretty serving pieces and such, and where do you store all of that stuff? So I thought I would post some pictures of a few great sideboards and storage pieces to peruse.
Above is one of my all time favorite pieces. It's redwood, antique, handmade for someone's garage. I had the base put on the bottom, waxed it up, fixed the drawers and now it's such a beautiful thing. It's got so much soul, the wood is so warm and worn and beautiful. Update Jan 2008 sold.
This is a magnificent antique store counter I've had my eye on for quite a while. It now sits in the shop in all of it's well used glory. Redwood, again, with original paint. Mid 1800's. The drawers measure five feet wide, two feet deep, and almost 10" high. Can you imagine what you could fit in that? It would make an excellent kitchen island. Update - sold
Not a sideboard, but a fabulous antique french desk I bought from Blossom Home, in Los Gatos. See her blog at It was child sized when I got it, and the wood was in very bad shape. A bit of time with my wood master, and look how pretty! It opens up and has a ton of room to hide just about anything. The weathered greyish pine color is one of my favorite things. Yes, that's a christmas tree peeking nearby. I couldn't help myself, I've got the music going too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a glorious day, enjoy the beautiful weather and be ever so grateful.

The one where someone steals my geranium

I'd like to report a theft. Someone stole my white geranium right out of the ground in front of my shop. They also left a mess of dirt, shells, and leaves everywhere. Who does this? I am very saddened by the loss of my poor plant, who is now either lying dead somewhere, or tended to by a bad person. Bad juju on you, plant thief! Get your own!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The one where I go to the Diffa Dining by Design at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria

Last night I went to the Diffa dining by design event, hosted by Elle Decor and UCSF. It was very nice and I appreciate Savannah and Ed at Lee Jofa for inviting me to sit at their table, Piat at Kravet for hooking me up, and Jessie Kaminski Designs for buying all of that $500 a yard Lee Jofa embroidered silk through saff and gen. Pictures of most of the tables were published in Elle Decor a few months ago. gives all of the info. Above is the Elle Decor table, designed by Margaret Russell herself. It was much more fabulous in person.

Amazing screens with goldfish painted in 3d.
I loved the furry tablecloth with the natural textures. I HATE those chairs, though.
Yes, this bowl is made from plastic disposable knives.
Alice in wonderland table. All of the people at it were in costume. Very cute, and it looked like a good time. Those are vintage a.i.w books at each setting.

This was the Holly Hunt for Kneedler Fauchere table. I did not get a good look at the table, because the models would look at you and pose and yes, it made me uncomfortable. But it was something, that's for sure.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The one where I talk about whats coming in

It's about time, I just talked to the driver of the truck bearing my Texas goodies (antiques), it will be here tomorrow morning! I'm so excited! This week I'll be cleaning things up and bringing them in as they are ready. I promise to try and post them when I do.

Also coming in this week is Fragonard perfumes and bath products. I look forward to taking my fair share home to use. I love their new line called VRAI, which means pure. It has a subtle scent of the ingredients only. to see more. I am also carrying the naturals perfume line. Very light and beautiful pure scents. If you've never heard of Fragonard, that's ok. They are very big in France, and every time someone visits they bring me back a bar of soap, so that's how I know of them. LOVE them.

Match pewter is also on the way. I love pewter so much. It has such a beautiful soft glow, and is timeless. I've got many great gifts from them coming in.

Kenneth Turner room sprays and fragrances are already here. I am completely addicted to the original scent. It's clove-y and citrus-y but very clean at the same time. Kenneth Turner is a big wig florist in London. These scents are so unusual, not too perfumey at all, but super yummy.

The holidays are here, and I'm ready! Well, I will be next week for sure.

The one with the cowhide chair

I am bad for not showing you a picture of my newest cow hide chair. The back is waxed black linen, and it's fabulous.