Saturday, January 31, 2009

The one with the doll factory molds

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that these amazing beauties get to live in my shop for a little while until they find new homes. Direct from a doll factory in upstate New York, these copper molds are in untouched verdigris condition and still exactly how they were on the plates when they were pumped with latex for someone's new baby doll. There are only 2 racks, each with 9 heads.
Another great and very unique object d'art, 9 stages of the ovum, from 1941. Little sculptures of joy!

This is just one of the amazing light fixtures made from old rusty parts by Joe Romero, a local guy. These are so well thought out and every detail is perfect. Note the shadow this casts on the chest.
The dollhead is separate.

Below are beautifully painstakingly made spheres, and Saturn, made from the stays from old wine casks. Maurice Connolly, another local artist, even makes his own rivets to keep things in place. Hang inside or out, or just leave in the garden.

Hands have a story. The one is off of a statue in Israel, after someone decided the cartoony-mickey mouse like character should have only 3 fingers and a thumb, and it was replaced with such.
The glove molds are still on the original base that was used to dip into the rubber. The size of this art is awesome.

I have a pair of these lovely concrete lions with pedestals. The patina could not be more perfect.

The one with the Rae Dunn wordstones

Did you know that the wordstones are back? Rae put them on hold for a while to build up a longing for them and they are back bigger and better.
live, laugh, love, hope, adore, calm, dream, wish, peace $6.00 each

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The one where I am inspired by artists at the New York international gift fair

I'm back from New York, the gift fair was pretty great. 3 whole days of 9 hours of shopping and I did not even finish looking. I blame it on the handmade section and all of the super creative and talented artists there. I spent way too much time studying every little detail that the collage artists, and other artists put into their work. Amazing. These photos are from all different artists. It's kinda like they raided my shop for all of the little vintage goodies used.

It was so inspiring, and I realized I need to take the shop in a different direction. Not away from what it is now, but more towards my original goal of handmade art and lots of my own art. I always have so many ideas bouncing around in my head, and lists of projects to work on, and I know I have all of the materials needed to incorporate into my designs. I have been amassing them forever, with stashes of paper and tidbits of fun that aren't much on their own, but will someday be a special work that hopefully will go to a good home and make someone happy every time they see it.

The above collage is by an artist in Fredericksburg named Joni Ulman Lewis. She had a great one titled "harold and the purple crayon" that I loved.
This "ladder" collage and the clock beneath it are by Debra Dressler, from Minnesota. She was so into her work, every little part had so much meaning to her, and every piece was like her child. The bingo clock and 3 other super cool clocks should be here in the next couple of weeks. Below is a wonderful collage by Clare Goddard, from Finland. I loved her work so much and she had hundreds of collages to look through. Sadly I had to step back and not take any, because I just couldn't shell out what they really were worth.
This page below is by Kim Smith, a San Francisco artist. I have some great collages and artwork in cute metal frames on ribbon by her coming in. She also wrote a book filled with pages just like this with the best stories. This chick is funny and a great writer.Below is a diorama by Christine originals. She makes many of the teeny tiny people and objects and mats and frames them beautifully. I only purchased one of these, so far, called "leaving home". It's black and white, with a young girl headed down a long road, and her dog by her side. I have no idea why it made my cry and I had to have it.
I am super stoked about this artist. She used to live in San Francisco and now resides in Vermont. I've ordered some amazing handmade dishes and vases and can't wait to get them in! You'll have to wait until they are here to see the artist, a good shopowner has to protect her sources :)

Last but not least another San Francisco artist who makes jewelry from recycled items, like bingo balls, guitar picks, and pocketwatch keys. Amy Pfaffman is super cool, and I'm excited about ordering some stuff from her, some for you, and some for me.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The one about the vintage wedding trunk show

a bright idea...

A customer and I (ok, mostly her) came up with a great idea after I found out she had amassed enough vintage linen tablecloths and napkins to use at her wedding for 200 guests. A trunk show! And because I'd like it to be a little more diverse I am inviting anyone who is so inclined to send me photos of your wedding-related stuff that you would like to sell. Jewelry, cake toppers, vintage or antique whatever. Of course I am extremely picky about what comes thru these doors so please bear with me. A vintage theme is the goal, but if it's handmade it does not have to be old. So here is the call, gather your crafty friends together and send me an email.
Update: The date is February 21, a Saturday, right after Valentines Day. Stacey Costello will be bringing her wonderful cake toppers, ring boxes, etc, made with vintage ribbon and such. Katie Baker will be making ring pillows and other beautiful gifts using vintage hankies and linens. I will definitely be making something, I have all sorts of creativity bouncing around my head right now :)

By the way I wish a very happy, healthy, prosperous new year full of good people to you!