Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The one with the great information on the Round Top and Warrenton Texas Antique fair

A little more info on the big Texas antique fair:

Everyone asks me where this huge antiques fair is and I tell them it's in the middle of nowhere, seriously. So here is the map of the area. The fair spreads out to shelby, round top, carmine, fayetteville, and burton. is the magazine that is provided to you at the show to help navigate your way through. it's a short film that Chris Brown from Urban prarie did. A little different from the way I see it, but very cool. is a slide show of images from warrenton, where we stay, shop and hang out. I'd like to give you images of the size and scale of it, the tents and open fields of vendors, but can't find any.

5 hours flying out, 1841 miles, 28+ hours driving time back, 4 days walking miles and miles through hot dusty fields filled with fire ants in either a 100 degree bathtub or 32 degree freezing rain weather eating bad fair food with no relief. It really sounds bad when I put it that way but I love it, the people and hospitality and the wonderful finds and the beautiful nights filled with laughter and music make it all worthwhile. Plus I get to do it all with one of my favorite people, my girl Jess. It wasn't the same without her last time. 8 more days!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The one before I leave town and am very excited

Eleven days until Texas! So excited! I will be having friends fill in so I am working hard at getting everything priced and easy. I'm also getting all of my ducks (and fabrics and workrooms) in a row on my design jobs so I can concentrate on buying. Miss Jessie is doing the same I hope. PS this amazing English chest of drawers circa 1750 now has a beautiful new home.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The one where "the littlest bird" moves to Blue Apple Studios in Aptos

" The Littlest Bird" at Saffron and Genevieve will soon be no more.
Cayce Ellison, the brilliant mind behind it
would like to concentrate on her family,
her career - Blue Apple Studios,
and her second baby on the way.
If you've been in you know how great her stuff is,
baby gifts, clothes, books and toys.
Sorry for the short notice,
it will all be moving to her studio in Aptos after Saturday.
Come and get it while it lasts.
I couldn't resist buying some finger puppets for myself ;)
Cayce I had so much fun having you here,
seeing you and Jack Henry,
your creativity and artists eye are such a gift.
I hope to see you just as often.
BTW Saffron and Genevieve is safe and sound and
not going anywhere,
you know how these rumers get started...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The one where I talk about my tomato tasting and anniversary sale

I want to thank everyone who made it to my anniversary party for coming. Thanks to Barbara at Meder Street Farms for donating the most scrumptious dry farmed early girl tomatoes for my tomato tasting. We also served some beautiful organic heirlooms, which I still have 30 pounds of... (I didn't want to run out, and a little tomato goes a long way). The toppings bar was beautiful, if I do say so myself. Friday night I cooked up a ton of crunchy bacon, a sundried tomato dip, carmelized onion dip, nice toasted garlic slices, and sourdough toasts. There was also goat, parm, blue and fresh mozz cheese, as well as the must have balsamic. It went over well and I recommend it highly as a buffet idea. Thanks to Allison for serving and making everything so pretty. Must also thank Meagan, Kate, Stacey Costello, and Cayce for being here and doing whatever needed to be done. Last but not least thanks Jeffery from Vinocruz for coming out and pouring and talking about your fabulous wines, and J-P for choosing just the right ones to complement the tomatoes.

Unfortunately I did not sell everything in the store so if you did not make it by come on in and see what's left. 15 days to go until big Texas antiquing trip!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The one with the tomatoes

Are you all ready for the party this Saturday? I now have 1300 people on my shop mailing list, so it's a big guess as to how many people will come. I now have enough heirloom and dry farmed early girl tomatoes for an army, and enough local wine for us all to enjoy (I hope). I have brought one load of furniture so far from my abundant storage unit, and have 2 more trips scheduled. I really plan on selling everyting outside before the days end. If the store ends up empty too of course I will be sad but hey, Alameda is the next morning, so I will get over it. So, Saturday at noon. Buy what you love, get a great deal, eat and drink fabulous local yummies, and visit with the nicest people in town - my customers!