Thursday, April 24, 2008

The one where the Santa Cruz Good Times reader vote my shop #1 for interior design and home decorating store

The Santa Cruz Good Times "best of" issue came out today.
Best Home Decorating Store
Best Interior Design
Saffron and Genevieve

Here is the blurb I got: (I have no idea where she got her info, she did not speak to me, but at least things are correct)
This multifaceted home store/interior design service is like visiting the home of a chic aunt. You’re immediately imbued with a sense of panache that you enviously wish could be injected into your own home. Proprietress Colleen Hickey’s eagle-eye for design keeps her store fresh and her design ideas novel. Hickey travels the nation in search of vintage treasures to stock her store, mixing the rare pieces with carefully selected new designs. A good double-win for a stylish design hotspot. Leslie Patrick

Best Antiques
Mr. Goodies
Runners up:
Soquel Village
Saffron & Genevieve
Judy Wyant
Flea Market

Yes, it's just a little local weekly but I am so happy because my wonderful customers made me #1! Thank you SO much! I am NOT happy that in the magazine they have a list of winners and there is another store named best home decorating store where my store name should be. (Good Times editorial is very sorry for the error) Congratulations to all of the winners and runner ups.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The one with the pretty roses in the most fabulous Match pewter vase

I want to thank everyone who made it to my sale for coming. It's so much fun to see everyone rush in right in the beginning! I hope you all had a good time, I was so busy writing tags up I barely had time to visit with you. Also, I want to thank Kate and Jessie and Cayce (littlest bird) for being here and doing whatever needed to be done. You all are wonderful. All in all it was my biggest sale day yet, which is a very good sign for the economy I think.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The one with the really old chairs from a California Mission

These are from a mission, not sure which one, but they look Mexican by the wood (cypress). They are all handmade and one of a kind. Rush seats are in perfect condition. They have been tightened, and are on the short side because they have been used for such a long time, the legs do tend to wear away. Likely early 1800s. Better in person. I love one by a bed as a table.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The one with the vignettes in my shop

I took some pictures around the store today. Need something eye-catching for my mailer. Mark the date - April 19 will be my spring sale. I only do this twice a year, so it will be good. Everything in the store will be on sale on that day. Above is not for sale, just my back counter. The things inside and above are for sale (except baby doll head - my mascot). Will be posting pics of soon-to-be marked down soon.
Vintage candlesticks with old croquet balls.The girls, they live alone and like it (see book). I fell in love with these in Texas. The dealer loved them as much as I did. One - Isda - was missing a leg, so she put antique ribbon and flowers on it. The other - Corinna - had a tear over her heart so she made a rhinestone seam to patch her up. She named them. Update, they now have a new home at a fab shop in Carmel Valley.
A very cool vintage (1920's) set of lockers. Very useable and good looking. Update - sold.
My beautiful texas biedermeier desk in the front window.
A cute little display of some great books for childern and adults.