Thursday, October 23, 2008

The one with the cool super close ups

Yes I went nuts with the macro mode-
amazing what people did to make do: plate breaks, mend it. a lovely image from an antique lithography stone old chippy paint
a little section of furniture fastening:
some pegs in my swedish table
dovetails on a pine trunk
dovetails on another pine trunk
just look at the circular dovetails on my crock hutch!
crazy curved dovetails on the swedish armoire
alligatoring on an antique dresser
an antique alligator

The random one with the bingo balls

Love the macro mode on my camera... My new crock shelf I love love love so much I can't explain exactly why. It just speaks to me.
The fabulous metal dental cabinet I bought in Texas LAST YEAR and finally brought in.
vintage crow targets found in Mylissa's Garden. A cute addition to my Halloween window.

The one with an ode to my butcher block

I'm in love with my butcher block, found in Texas by way of Nebraska. Lovingly made and thoroughly used, it's ready for a million meals more. BTW it's not my butcher block, I own it but it resides in the shop until you take it home :) Local delivery is available.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The one with the cute boys in Texas

Couple of fun pics of our trip. Just the first night, because after that we were so sick and all of the pictures are so sad, like we are really trying to fake feeling good. This is the lovely Gary, who lives in Utopia, Texas, and is now single, ladies. I believe my leg was there because I was saving a seat for someone.
Jess and Chicago Joe, about 2:30 in the am, before they let her drive the golf cart.
Is this not a beautiful hunk of man? Don't look at me, look at Clark. He gets better looking every time, it's really not fair.
This is Caroline, she was hit by a car and lost her leg and eye. We so wanted to take her home.

Now time for my shout outs to my Texas (and kansas, oklahoma, missouri, nebraska, I hope I am not forgetting anywhere or anyone) friends. Charlie and Kathy, you were lovely as always, if you are reading this, I did not get my litttle landscape and I still want it! Gary, you sweet man. Danny T I hope you took it easy after we left. Bobby Boyd from "Shabbiques", you're a charmer, come on out for a visit and I'll show you around. You too Chicago Joe (Illinois!), email me for some great video and pics of our first night. Theresa from Garden Antqs Vintage, your booth was beautiful and I am so sorry I missed the party and did not get to meet all of the other wonderful bloggers out there. Thanks for the Uncommon Objects tank, and the sweet deal on that great dental tray table! Cheryl at Zapp, you are darling. I loved getting to see you have fun rather than work all of the time. Hey to "the Dude", it was so nice meeting you, I hope to see you next time. Clark, we'll catch up next time, although I know you are not reading this because you don't have a computer.

The one with great finds from the Round Top, Texas Antique Fair

Ok, I'm somewhat back with the living. I had some design clients to concentrate on, and now I can show you some things I brought back from Texas. Above is my ghost deer, which I just painted white, I think he looks so handsome. SOLD My ode to travel, and wine. This old postal sorter can hold 135 bottles of wine in a unique and compact manner. SOLD The 65 BSA is still for sale. A closer look at the awesome map I found. It's plywood, and so intricately cut out. Someone spent a long time putting this together. Sorry, no Alaska or Hawaii. The airplanes are old hood ornaments I had sandblasted and mounted on steel stands. SOLD
These posters from England were behind Jess and I in my last post. I had to bring them home. SOLD
You know I can't resist a postal sorter. This one is so cute, it's even got a little spot for Fort Worth, and comes with a pencil sharpener!
This mantle is so huge and awesome, long leaf pine, from a mansion in Arkansas. It would be an amazing headboard, opening is 59" wide.
A wider look at my Halloweeny front window, what you can't see is my new dyed black enormous hide, like butter.
Yes, I am insane. I went to Alameda a couple of days after I got back from Texas completely sick and exhausted, but look! It was so worth it. A Georgian secretary, circa 1810, English.
So I have a shabby chic side, what can I do. This is the real deal, a million layers of paint on a substantial antique dresser, I could not resist.
Yet another stripped and polished vintage steel dresser, works great and perfect in a room with too much wood, or where you need a little modern so your house does not look like Grandmas.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The one where I just got back and am sick and exhausted

We are back. Actually got back late Wednesday night after deciding to drive home in two days. I'm only going to focus on the positive so this pic was a fun time in the Clutter booth where jess and I were getting a little bit loopy. I found some really great stuff there. Will post more soon. To give you a quick little story of my trip I am now posting my facebook updates:
Colleen is in heaven. Here less than an hour, already 2 beers in and over 100 spent in the first minute.
Colleen is not giving into peer pressure anymore.
Colleen is a delicate flower.
Colleen 's hangover is possibly disappating.
Colleen is going to have a great day tomorrow.
Colleen is melting.
Colleen has country feet.
Colleen is finally in her element in Texas.
Colleen is pushing on.
Colleen needed a change so I just cut bangs with Jessies new toenail clippers.
Colleen is trying to sleep but Hank from King of the Hill is loudly entertaining the other guests right outside her door.
Colleen just heard a senator on texas radio liken the buyout package to "two cow patties with a marshmallow in the middle, and I ain't gonna eat that".
Colleen is exhausted, has a horrible cold, contracted pink eye, and is now leaving Abilene, Texas. I'm still in a good mood, though.
Colleen is going to drive for 14 hours today with the pink eye.
Colleen is home sweet home.