Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The one with the 2 headed calf

I've been talking about all the cool things I found in Texas for almost 2 months now. I finally got a hold of the shipping company and got some news. Apparently, the warehouse that they rent to store everyone's purchases has gone into foreclosure. The gal was outside the courthouse when we spoke, waiting for an injunction from the judge so they could get all of the stuff out first. Pretty scary, kind of like the taxidermied 2 headed calf I did not buy, thank you very much.
I have put off my annual spring sale until the Texas shipment came, but I think I'll go ahead with it now. Looking at my calendar, I'm at the lake June 9-11, the next weekend y'all will probably be busy with graduations, after that vacations, hmmm. I will pick a date and let you know. My regular customers will get either a postcard or e-mail. This year I am having an as-is sale as well. I pick up a lot of great things that have potential, need a little work. I don't always have the time, so you will get lucky, you can do the work and save some money!

The one where I try to describe what I do

It's very hard for me to describe my decorating style, let alone what I sell, to people who have never been in. I have always, since about age 8, loved to find old things that were just interesting to me. I have always loved to find furniture and sand, paint, stain, whatever, to make it look better.

I do have new lines that I just love. I've got functional things like fabulous candles and bath products that are a treat to use. I also have Juliska, quality ceramics and glassware that will be heirlooms one day, and because they are a pleasure to use it is also a treat for you. They also make wonderful gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. I can't imagine anyone opening a Juliska gift and not loving it.I sell books, organic catnip toys, great writing tablets, local artist's cards and art. If I love it, it makes the very strict cut. I have a new baby gift section including Jellycat stuffed animals, the softest, cutest and very best I have found. Oh, and I have shells, so many shells, at great prices. If you are decorating a room with a beach theme (and who wouldn't) you need shells. I have a faux coral that looks so real, beautiful without the guilt of owning something illegally harvested. The most important thing to know is that you will most likely find something you or someone you love can't live without, and you will smile every time you see or use it. That keeps me going.

The one with the awesome pic of my granny cart at Alameda Antique Fair

I took this picture with my phone last month at the Alameda antique fair. My granny cart is pretty much loaded up like this a couple of times a day, before I get a cart for the big stuff. Here you see a pair of midcentury modern wicker chairs, 3 wooden stools, a 1940's chalkboard/desk with moveable pictures, a really cute wire 3 tier planter, and a stuffed dead gator. In the bags: dollheads, a pair of sterling silver candlesticks, a set of gorgeous antique books, a vintage handmade vase, antique linens, and antique silver baby cups. Some of these fab finds are still here, and it's on again on Sunday, so there should be something for everyone.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The one with the antique black and white botanicals

I worked with a art dealer on these amazing black and white botanicals. She has a huge collection of antique books and original lithographs and engravings. We decided to mount them on linen and I chose a simple black frame. There are 9 in all.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The one where I did the staging and it was really pretty in a super cute little cottage

I'm doing a staging at a house for sale here in Seabright. It was fun and easy, because it's such a great house with all original features. It has tons of windows and beautiful light. MLS listings # is 722604. I think there is an open house tomorrow 1-4, 621 Windham at Sumner.