Friday, August 14, 2009

The one with the spiderweb on the spider ceramics

A customer noticed this spider and her magnificent web in front of my display of Laura Zindel ceramics, also with a spider motif. Very cool. We (she and me) decided to leave it as a natural art installation, although I'm afraid another customer did not find it so interesting...
And here's the front of the pretty little thing.I took the first two pictures the other day, and last night as I was closing the sun hit her new web (below) just right and I spotted her again. I gently relocated her to the great outdoors.
This is a fabulous web, I stole this picture from my friend Nicole, who posted it on facebook. Shot in her front yard in Willow Glen, CA.
Thought you would enjoy a few more images that I captured a few years ago on the grapevine on the side of my cottage.

The one with some of my collections at home part 1.

I've shown boo kitty before, from the amazing artist outside of Austin. She lives with me now.
I like cows, now hear that in your head with forrest gump's voice. I really do. Above is my favorite painting with some great old plastic cows making it 3D.
For some reason I keep finding white ones...
Do you think I have a problem? Behind is my living room wall color, the lightest, slightest shade of aqua, custom mixed by me. It's really quite perfect.
My collection of tattered, very well loved dolls. I think they are so cute!
Isn't she a pretty girl?
I love this old metal zebra, and yes, this is my bedroom color. I mixed it up custom, of course. It makes me very happy at every hour of the day.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The one about the new blog with stuff that's for sale

I just made things a whole lot easier, and honestly I don't know what took me so long. I've started a second blog that's just about what is for sale here in the shop. It's not going to be as pretty as this one, I'll mostly be taking pictures and posting as I bring things out of the truck. This is one you will want to subscribe to for sure, so you don't miss anything! Although I might miss something once in a while so you will still want to come in, visit, and check things out for yourself. See you soon!