Saturday, May 16, 2009

The one with more sterling watch fobs and stuff

I've got some new vintage sterling English watch fobs in, and I believe I have matched them up with the best chain for each one. I make some of the chains, and some are already made, or vintage. On the far left is one I have been wearing for years, 1897, Birmingham, England Junior League, with gold links and a gold wedding ring I found, can't read the inscription, but it's from 1915. The one on the far right I am wearing today, it's very delicate but strong, for 100 yards won at St. Gabriels. One in from that is for a member of - are you ready - the mermaid swimming club! 14 and under, 1938. So cute! Click on the pics to see close up. Call or email for more information.

One of my pair of awesome vintage architects stools in original leather. I wouldn't touch it...
Cast iron vase that would have been used on a grave in France.
I love this vintage ladder used for hanging wallpaper, it's a great bookcase, or leave it empty.
My chick incubator/coffee table, with one of my amazing vintage Mexican school maps. I have about 10 left, and they are all different and I love them very much :)
iron pod candlesticks, simple and sculptural...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The one with the pictures of the Garden Party Open House

The garden party went smashingly, thanks very much!
Real grass on the table was a genius touch, if I do say so.My new white ceramics looked perfect.
And the potted plants were the cutest gifts!
Thanks to everyone who came in and made it a great day,
including a wonderful customer who brought a gift of rosemary,
roses from the garden, and lemons.
Such a simple gesture, but so me!
I love it when my customers "get me".
Now for my artichoke dip recipe everyone wanted:
8 oz light sour cream
8 oz light whipped cream cheese
8 oz grated real parmesan cheese
1 clove garlic
1 can drained artichoke hearts in water
red pepper flakes
put all but the artichokes in food processor and mix, add them at
the last 15 or so seconds so they still have some texture
serve with your favorite cracker, I like pita crackers
I hope to see you soon!