Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The one with the cricket table that sold

This antique pine cricket table is so simple, but I saw it when I arrived on Saturday and had to visit it everyday until I just had to open the wallet and buy it. I can’t explain why, maybe the history of the wood spoke to me. I know someone will appreciate it as much as I do. Update Jan 2008 sold

The one with pictures of more things I bought in Texas

The dental cabinet is truly beautiful. It had beveled glass on the front and sides. The desk is “Texas biedermeier” , it’s pine, circa 1830. It’s in perfect condition, just needs some cleanup and waxing. I love the way the front legs flare out. It is so delicate. I can’t wait! The red things are just that. I saw them and fell in love with the color and had to have them. I figure they could be a plant stand or side table. When I got home I saw this picture and noticed the turquoise one right near them and I was so bummed. I can’t believe I missed it, it’s so pretty.
Notice the way these dealers set up their inventory. They actually looked better in person, but they pretty much just put the stuff out there. There were some who did amazing displays, but they were catering to the rich Dallas and Houston wives who arrived in limousines. Uber pricey.

The one with the pictures of stuff I bought in Texas, still in Texas

I thought I would finally post some pictures of stuff I found in Texas. I haven’t yet mostly because the majority of pieces need a bit of work, and because I took some horrible pictures. Things are really crammed into these spaces, so forgive me.

That’s a very cool old chopping block made of a whole tree stump. The blue cabinet is such a beautiful color, I could not resist. I don’t think it will look that great in my shop (because of the color) so first dibs can have it before it gets there. The desk is Austian. The dealer who I bought it from lives there and does this show only. It’s a work table that would have been in the out kitchen, for butchering and such. The base is curved and so beautifully unusual.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The one where Raya Carlisle took pictures of my shop

Raya Carlisle came in the other day with her mom, Katie (my fabulous seamstress). She is an amazing photographer with the best blog, http://www.paperpony.net/. She took some photos of my shop that make it look like it could be in a magazine! Of course it should be, and if anyone out there has an in at a magazine, I would appreciate a referral. :) There's one of the front of the store that I love so much! I've been trying forever to get a good one. Thank you, Raya!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The one where I am glad to be home again and stoked for my purchases

I'm back from Texas! I found so much great stuff I had to leave early because I knew I would not have enough space for it all between my store and my storage. Also, I was homesick. We are so lucky to live in California. As we flew over the vineyards of Paso Robles, the mountains and the ocean, I felt so happy to be home.

I am having most everything shipped, but I brought a lot of smalls with me. I've sold some already in the past hour, so hurry up and check it out! I have pictures of almost everything I bought, even though most of it needs at least a little work. I will be posting pictures and taking pre-orders for things before they get here. I found a ton of steel furniture. I love and it's really hot right now, because it can go in modern or country homes, and will never go out of style.

Before I even post a pic, I'll tell you I found 4 vintage steel hospital dressers and 4 vintage steel hospital nightstands, or bath stands. When I bring these into the shop they last oh, about 4 hours, so you may not have seen them after they have been stripped, polished and laquered. They are cool. Very cool. The drawers work great and they are the perfect anecdote to a room full of wood.