Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy holidays and a peaceful splendid new year!

This was a wild and wonderful year.  At times I felt like I was hanging on by my fingernails, but not to worry,
I would never let go.  Thankfully the Christmas spirit infused Santa Cruz and it seemed as if every able bodied person with excellent taste flocked to my shop rather than the mall to get special presents for all
(and some for themselves to be sure ;) 
I hope the holidays are very special for you, and wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. I think I'm going to take a few days to rest, a couple to go scouting around for goodies to restock the shop and another couple to change things up in here a bit.  See you in 2010!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The one about Jill Dion

Jill is a Santa Cruz local, I met her in the shop, she buys a lot of my cool stuff and we got to talking one day about these stones she crochets. Crocheted stones!!! I told her she must bring them in immediately. I am so in love with the stones and the rest of her art. She is fabulous at painting animals, or even stitching by hand free form on felt. She volunteers at the Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz, and has five cats, so animals are near to her heart. I could go on and on about her and all of the other fabulous art she comes up with, but I'm hoping you will come in and see for yourself. She's also got an etsy shop if you can't make it in.  
These mini bunnies paintings are so amazing,
I'm so lucky I get first dibs because I snatched them right up,
they are the perfect Christmas gift for a friend who I bet is not reading my blog so I'm not worried ;-)
I also picked 3 pretty nice stones for myself,
but there are plenty more for you here.  
She is making them as fast as she can, and 70% of sales are going to this scholarship:
Health Care Endowed Scholarship for students enrolled in Cabrillo College’s Allied Health Programs including Radiologic Technology, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting and other healthcare related programs in celebration of Cabrillo’s 50th Anniversary. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The one with the crafts for the open house this Saturday.

handmade stockings from Katie Baker

paper doll assemblage from Ronda at Rooks Hideout

This collection of tiny shells in boxes came to me, and became the perfect ornaments for my tree

letter press boxed cards and coasters from Laurie of Lucky Bee Press

felted recycled sweater flower pins and assemblage from Diane Ritch

Come in on Saturday from 11-5 and enter to win this lovely vintage inspired church!  Many of the artists have left their goods with me already, still to come are turned wood bottle stoppers by Larry Riordan, vintage reassembled jewelry by Alice Riordan, crochets stones from Jill Dion, and more wonderful jewelry from Mabel Chong.  For all of the details for the open house click here
See you Saturday!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The one about the holiday open house and craft fair

It's finally here, the time of year when the spirit of the holidays does wonderful things.  It tends to make many of us think more about others and less about ourselves, it makes us want to nest and make our homes more homey, and it makes us celebrate and spend more time with friends and family.  Oh that we could always see that spirit through the year...

I can help with all of that! 

Starting now I can certainly help you make your home more homey.  It's not too late to get some things done before the end of the year.

On December 5th from 11-5pm I invite you to my holiday open house and craft fair.  I'll be baking goodies to be served with hot cocoa so you can enjoy shopping just a bit more.  Local artists will have their fine crafts for sale, the store is all decked out and cozy and filled with wonderful gifts, I'll be giving away a beautiful vintage inspired church to display in your home.  All of your friends will be here, so you can get a visit in with them as well :)

Let's see, oh, the part about helping others.  Five percent of sales from that day will go to my favorite charity
Happy Holidays!

The one with the Christmas tree I decorated for the Dominican Hospital fundraiser.

This is the second tree I have done for the Dominican hospital fundraiser.  This year they are raising money for upgrades to the NICU.  I chose a Scandinavian theme, and the handmade star on top says "God Jul" which means merry christmas.  Carved wooden dala horses, antique roman candles with lead acorn weights, vintage bottles with paper flowers, crochet and felted ornaments, linen sachets, and pinecones adorned it.  I love this tree, and I know whoever wins it tonight at the Cocoanut Grove (raffle tickets in the box next to your favorite tree) will appreciate all of the thoughtful touches I put in to it.  It's one that needs to be seen up close, and since my photos of the tree in whole didn't turn out, please enjoy these views.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The one about the trunk show THIS THURSDAY, Nov 12 from 4-7pm

Mark your calendars for this Thursdays holiday entertaining trunk show, 4-7 pm.

* Vintage tabletop, glasses, linens, serving pieces, etc to help make your holiday dinner extra special

* Roberta Lee Woods encaustics, using reclaimed books, are looking quite amazing in my front window. You need art? This is art, with soul, for as little as $50.

* Bee Humble Apiaries will bring their wonderful honeys and other natural products

* Thymes Frasier Fir candles and diffusers will be here, just in time to make your home smell just like Christmas!

* Sara Marsh of Crescent Moon Paper will be showing her fabulous custom invites, perfect for the holiday season and beyond.

* I will have a larger selection of Olivina Bath and candle products, just for the night

* Sample sale - Interior design and decorating books for $10!

* New Juliska glass and ceramics are arriving just in time!

* Sweet Petula soaps and candles will be here as well, the perfect hostess gifts!
Check out my Facebook page for more updates!
Of course I'll have refreshments for you as well, you can't very well try a lavender honey without some cheese! See you soon.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The one with some of the exciting holiday stuff coming up

No exact dates yet, but a holiday entertaining truck show will happen before Thanksgiving for sure. I will have loads of vintage tabletop, serving pieces, linens, etc. Everything you need to throw a shindig in style. After that in early December I'm having many local artists in for a one day craft fair. If you or someone you know would like to participate please email me info and photos for consideration.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The one with fun in Texas!

From my blackberry in New Mexico.
This is taken on my first morning from the veranda at the inn, after a huge storm. Tents filled with fabulous dealers and merch right downstairs, pasture beyond.
Above is a field with hundreds of tents in the background, below a close up of the tents.

the light here was amazing, this is behind some tents.
Late evening shopping led us past this cute trailer.
PROM! Alice pulled this together piece by piece that night, I think it's the cutest prom outfit I've ever seen!
My original outfit failed, so I went for a sort of 70's Dotty West look (minus the big hair)
These fabulous ladies are seasoned experts at dressing and posing.
The guys dress up every year. I don't know the biker chicks but the flying elvises are actually very handsome in real life...
Prom was so much fun!
Super face molds from the defunct doll factory.
I did not buy the elephant foot bar and box.
I saw these old name tags with the cutest old fashioned names!
We took a wine break and watched the rain from the veranda. Above is how hard it was raining (literally coming down in sheets) and below is the flooded ground. I've never ever seen so much rain and lightning, it was so exciting! Many of the dealers had rivers running through their tents half the time but took it all in stride. The great part is that it was still at least 80 degrees so it was like being a kid puddle jumping :)

Alice brought many shoes and boots but none that could stand up to walking all day plus the rain in Texas. I lost her for a while and would ask people if they had seen a barefoot girl in a cowboy hat, "oh yeah, I saw her go that way"
After stopping for a minute at the Billy the Kid museum we took a wrong turn (one of MANY) and ended up here. Thankful that Alice wanted to stop and take pictures of the beautiful Pecos river in New Mexico. What a landscape!
From the other side of the bridge.
Negativo on the tumbleweed smuggling...

Once again I shall post my facebook updates.
*is finally in Texas! Some fun facts: gas is $2.25, 95 degrees but its a WET heat, I'm driving a purple hyundai (can you picture it?) and I have no idea how I used to text and drive - its impossible!
*Omg soooo much fun and its only monday! (from Zapp Hall)
*loves me some texas! (after Zapp Hall)
*walked fields for 6 hours. Came back to the room to get more checks. Sat down. Bad idea. Nap time...
*can't nap, hoping to get some energy going for spaghetti-a-disco tonight at Zapp Hall.
*did you know that its against the law to buy yourself a beer in Texas? It's a true story.
*slept in, wandered around buying dead animal parts, off to Austin, airport, Alice, enjoying pizza hut bread sticks and singing along to BR-549's "cherokee boogie" on Texas radio. did I mention I love it here?
*is soaking wet (100 degrees and 100% humidity)
*ridiculously humid day shopping, good time at prom, mostly chatting and listening to awesomely funny stories in great Dallas accents, took wonderful pictures. And I found a $20 on the way back to the room!
*overheard and slightly seen behind the bar tonight - a young boy pinned up against a truck by a 50ish woman "you must be about 24 years old" "no ma'am, I'm turning 23 next week". And then she went in for the kill! It was awesome. Next time I'm wearing a secret camcorder.
*thankful the fever that was upon Texas has broken.
*check engine light and squeeky brakes on the truck we just picked up. Penske just delivered us a new one 75 miles away. Nice job, Alice! Dinner outside at the Hillcrest and go get ready for local dive bar. Wait, do we need to get ready to go to the local dive bar?
*finally got a great deal on the table I've been eyeing on the way home from the bar.
*Well, it's flooding down in Texas.
*Walked all day in 4" of water and mud in a downpour with a saturated umbrella.
*if I had a boat, I'd row out and do more shopping
*is so happy I picked up most of my goodies before the rainiest downpour thunder and lightning I've ever seen. Tents are flooded and Alice is shopping barefoot.
*is picking up the rest of the goodies in the pouring rain and hoping my truck doesn't get stuck in the mud. Thankful to Randy the Land Baron for directing us to a dryer lot.
*is Lubbock bound.
*Driving through New Mexico looking for tumbleweeds:) Treasures in the back of the truck range from a beautiful hornets nest to a two sided humongous bookcase...
*standing at a gas pump in winslow arizona. I am a machine!
*just had my beautiful tumbleweeds confiscated at the border :(
*walking the streets of bakersfield...
*Home sweet home. 13 hours today, 30 total driving hours. Battered, burned and bruised but excited to open up that truck tomorrow and see what's inside!

Thanks for reading, and thank you to the state of Texas, all of the wonderful and gracious dealers, vendors and fun buyers! I had a blast!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The one with the list of goodies

I'm back and finally getting back into a normal routine. The drive home from Texas was so easy, but after the adrenaline wore of I was plum tuckered out with a truck to unload and a shop to make pretty. While I take pictures of the new inventory, here's a section of my pickup list off of my blackberry to peruse...

petrified wood and fossils - outside inn gate
White Dental table next to greyhound puppies
Old cow skulls straight in to - bar w on left across from fudge puppies
lockers, small metal box, cart and wooden lab thingy - primitiques behind zapp hall
low round black metal table, rusty coffee table base, blue nice base, stool - mike bar w by bridge where green table was
tractor tills bar w at the end annie the dog
black screens - end of bar w by porta potties last row before excess
4 metal carts and one tripod base joe pete
turtle shells and antlers 4 bags at brians
red metal cart tin star first space across from hector
Sunday school prayer chairs door D coles
white candelabras marburger outside B
Antique folding table marburger tent A
Hornets nest tent B middle maggie
antique gurney - fluff tent a right hand side 2nd space in
Metal aqua locker cabinet A back corner
Roman candles for dominican tree took with
Stash studios Cowhide Purses took with
Carnival punks tent A

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The 6th one where I'm off to the big Texas antique show

Yeeeehaaaaw I'm off to Texas again! My big four year anniversary sale and party was such a success yesterday and I thank all of you so much for coming or just sending nice thoughts my way :) I've got a big wad of cash in my pocket and an eye out for old things with soul and beauty.

It's so hard to explain why this place is so magical. It's so large in scale and there are so many people, yet to me it seems so calm and leisurely. You can always find a quiet spot to sit (perhaps on a hay bale) or just stand and take in the wonderfulness of shopping outside on a lovely Texas day (even when you feel like you're in a hot tub with your clothes on). The dealers are always friendly and inviting. I love the fact that most everyone leaves all of their wares out at night with no worry about thievery. I love that if I'm walking back to my room after a fun night at Zapp Hall and I spot something I must have in someone’s booth, I can set it aside with my card and come back 2 days later and they've saved it for me. I love the variety of things for sale and the variety of people selling them. I love that what happens at prom stays at prom and there is no judging (of course I am an angel ;)I'll have an entire week to shop this time, so I'll actually get to venture out of Warrenton and Round Top and see what great things these other towns have to offer. In case you ever think of doing this, here's my schedule for this trip so you can see how it works: Flying into Austin early Monday, rent car and drive one hour to Warrenton to check in. Get my flip flops in the fields straight away. Shop, shop, shop some more, pick up Alice at the airport on Wednesday (she's an antique dealer, jewelry connoisseur, and a good friend who kindly offered to be my partner in crime for the trip home), prom Thursday night, keep shopping, switch out car for 16' truck on Friday. Saturday shopping for last minute deals, start loading up things I've bought from all over. Sunday final loading and get out of town. We should be home by very late Tuesday night, it's only 1835 miles. Forecast calls for hot hot heat and thunderstorms. Bring it on! I love Texas!

Now for the important news : The shop will be closed while I am gone. I will be back in a week from Wednesday bringing things in and setting up the new look and reopen on Thursday, October 8. Kate will be here on Saturday, October 3rd if you need a fix. Ok, I’m off!