Saturday, June 20, 2009

The one with the old books and things for bookshelves

A six year old friend of mine was visiting the shop the other day and he asked me why, if I love collecting this stuff so much, do I sell it? I explained that I really love to buy these things and I have a lot of fun doing it, but I also really love when someone buys stuff from me and it makes them happy. "So you are passing the happiness along." he said. Brilliant child.

I love old books, the smell, the color, the patina of a much loved novel, disintegrating leather. I've been amassing some great ones lately. They look great in bundles, propped on a table, or even in a bookcase :) Some collections of small books below.
Very old collection of Shakespeare's works. The antique box below is a salesman's sample of a trunk. Also something that would look great on a bookcase.

I love the marbling on these.
A well loved doll torso with legs, balancing on a flower frog, atop an old wooden mold.
These old print blocks are crying out for a mixed media collage, or pretty enough to just prop up on a bookcase. On the right is a fabulous set of - are you ready? Mousetraps. Numbered. Catch and release. If you have a large bookcase this would be an awesome touch.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The one with the summertime blues

I'm afraid my spring fever has turned into the summertime blues...I love it here in my shop but..
I also want to be here...
and here...
and especially here...
this looks nice...
I've only been back two months but I am already anticipating a fun trip here...
but here will have to do for now, and here is a perfectly good place to be...happy June!