Friday, February 09, 2007

The one with the good thing about first Tuesdays

Did I already say that Tuesdays are a good day to come in for new things? Especially the first Tuesday of the month, after Alameda antique fair. I do still have a couple of great finds: some wicker and iron nesting tables, a very beachy white iron and glass coffee table, and a beautiful round coffee table with 2 tiers. Update - sold

I went to the SF design center yesterday and found so many beautiful fabrics. I am VERY excited to have found a lovely soft hemp in COLORS! It's a great price and would be so beautiful on a chair or sofa.

I have some new votivo candle scents that are very yummy, great new books, and next week I will have THE best line of stuffed animals I have found. Jellycats are the softest cutest guys around. Adults who are not into stuffed animals are buying them for themselves.

Juliska has come out with some new items in their beautiful line of ceramics and glassware. I have a catalog here for special orders, and much of the new things as well.

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