Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The one where I do shout outs to my friends in Texas

I just got back from Texas. I was not going to go, but some friends I met there last year were calling, I got nostalgic, and most importantly, Susan (you are wonderful) had an opening at the Hillcrest Inn last minute. Since Jessie took all of the pictures on her camera, you'll have to wait to see what I found. Real quick I need to say a bunch of stuff about some people you probably don't know, so I apologize.
I was so amazed to see all of the people we met last year, it was like we never left. Danny Tytenicz was still the gracious host in his booth, and a gentleman. Kathy was so happy to see us, and a friend of hers in New Mexico (?) had seen her pic on my blog so that was pretty cool. Clark was as cute as ever. David played his guitar and sang so beautifully (rock and roll!). Of course Mr. Jimmy was adorable. I should give a shout out to Chicago Joe "Hey Joe!" Also a hello to Jennifer, whom Jess calls "that cutie pie". I met a new friend, Nigel. You will see him later in a gorilla suit (at the prom!). Nigel, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for any comments about your head or anything else that you may have thought rude, it's the language barrier. You are a darling. If you were Scottish I don't think Jove would have stood a chance. (sorry sweetie)