Saturday, April 21, 2007

The one with the Zapp Hall prom pictures

Now we can talk about the prom at Zapp Hall, put on by the Junk Gypsies, and Cheryl and the great people at Zapp Hall. My new friend Nigel did wear a gorilla suit, commando underneath. He was certainly a hit with the ladies. A lot of the girls wore tutus and tank tops, some wore vintage prom dresses, and one took an old wedding dress and dyed it aqua, it was beautiful. I was a rebel and wore my ramones shirt, but it looked very cute with my fluffy skirt and new sandles. Jess looked super cute, as always. She has the best smile.
This is us with officer hottie. I am not one to ogle men, but he was beautiful.
There was a woman who actually wore a lampshade on her head, and a woman who dressed as Frida Kahlo. All in all it was very tame, everyone had fun and it ended much too early at midnight. We decided next time we would skip the prom and arrive in the beginning of antique week, when everyone is bright and perky.