Friday, November 09, 2007

The one where I talk about whats coming in

It's about time, I just talked to the driver of the truck bearing my Texas goodies (antiques), it will be here tomorrow morning! I'm so excited! This week I'll be cleaning things up and bringing them in as they are ready. I promise to try and post them when I do.

Also coming in this week is Fragonard perfumes and bath products. I look forward to taking my fair share home to use. I love their new line called VRAI, which means pure. It has a subtle scent of the ingredients only. to see more. I am also carrying the naturals perfume line. Very light and beautiful pure scents. If you've never heard of Fragonard, that's ok. They are very big in France, and every time someone visits they bring me back a bar of soap, so that's how I know of them. LOVE them.

Match pewter is also on the way. I love pewter so much. It has such a beautiful soft glow, and is timeless. I've got many great gifts from them coming in.

Kenneth Turner room sprays and fragrances are already here. I am completely addicted to the original scent. It's clove-y and citrus-y but very clean at the same time. Kenneth Turner is a big wig florist in London. These scents are so unusual, not too perfumey at all, but super yummy.

The holidays are here, and I'm ready! Well, I will be next week for sure.