Saturday, January 26, 2008

The one with the antiques from Texas

I have some more things in the shop from my shipment. Below is an amazing antique English pine linen press. While I was writing this it just sold. Went to a good home. This is my absolute favorite thing right now. I found it in Texas, last thing I bought, did not get a picture or even a good look at it. I just liked the shape and size. After my wood master got a hold of it, it emerged as a work of art. Someone in Mexico a very long time ago made this with a lot of love and craftsmanship. All mortise and tenon, mesquite, with delicate detailing on the front and back legs. Over time it was patched when it became damaged. These patches are so amazing, and add so much to the artfulness of the table. You just have to see and touch it to appreciate it. This is just a glimpse of the ships table I have. It's most like ly French, 1920's, and chestnut. It folds up on it's wrought iron legs, and has a lip all around. It would make a beautiful island, entrance table (if you have enough room, it is 8' long), or just an accent table, filled with stacks of books and artwork. This is the Texas Biedermeier desk I was so excited about. Isn't it cool? Circa 1850, made by Germans in Texas. Pine and oak, still has original paint, which I have had sealed. The center of the writing surface opens, and lots of storage up top. A very useful and beautiful piece of history. You know when the Catholics have a holiday and dress up their statues from the church and take them through the streets in a processional? This is what they would carry it on. It even has pads to cushion your shoulders, and a beautiful patina on the grey and gold paint. You could use this in your home to display any number of things, pottery, sculpture, or perhaps one of the antique santos I have here in the shop.

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