Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The one with the before and after of my shop

I get asked a lot about what this space looked like before I moved in. As some of you know, it was a "thrift store". When I first signed the lease, I had not seen the inside, because it was so full of stuff to the ceilings. I only had the shop next door (other half of this building) to give me an idea. It is a 100 year old building with 12' ceilings, so how could I go wrong? I have no idea what possesed them to paint the ronald mcdonald rastafari colors. All I know is that it took many coats of paint to cover. The final spray of white was done by a local painter, Bret Carlyle. I did the rest, myself, with a little help from Jove (thats him in the next picture, trying to be positive so I don't lose it) (update on jan 17, Jove helped A LOT)
There were 2 layers of the filthiest carpet you have ever seen. Never ever vacuumed, dead and alive animal traces all over it. Notice the wall on the right does not go all of the way up, a cost saving idea (drywall comes in 8' lengths)

Week 2. I can not believe the amount of work I did here, while working 2 jobs (bookkeeper at Petroglyph, also gaining great experience as a shopgirl at a local home furnishings store - they had no idea) The carpet is gone, again with some help from Jove. The drywall and new smooth plaster was hired out. See the next layer of floor - asbestos tiles.
Yes, the tiles were properly removed one at a time and properly disposed of. I have blocked this part out. I also pulled out about 1700 nails and screws from the walls and ceilings. Jove did the baseboards and trim, (update, he also replaced all of the bad plumber patch jobs with nice wood, helped me move a lot of furniture, hung the antique fretwork in front of store - not an easy task - we shared a ladder, and much much more. I blocked most of this out, kind of like childbirth I think, so I heard from him last night that he needs more kudos, well deserved). My good friend Brigit helped me paint the green walls.

I hired out the building of the back room, and the seagrass installation. Looking good! Jove did the finish work on the back room. I must say once again I don't know if I could have done this without his help and encouragement. Thanks so much, baby!

There are STILL things on my original punch list that I have not done. I don't know if I ever will. Thanks to all of you for not noticing.

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