Monday, August 18, 2008

The one where I talk about other blogs

I've been busy lately reading other blogs, rather than writing on mine. It's addictive and there are so many amazingly creative and super nice people out there in blogland. On Friday I got a wonderful write up on the home by sunset blog by the great Sarah Gaffney from Sunset Magazine. She is working hard on the 2008 Monterey Bay Idea House. When it's complete you must visit, I saw it in progress and it is very cool already, lots of ideas.
Also on Friday the fabulous Claudia Strasser from The Paris Apartment gave Saff and Gen a little props and a thanks for suggesting places to visit in our fair state. I don't know where she found the best pictures of my favorite places, but I can't wait to hear how she liked her trip.
If you are looking for great ideas, beautiful pictures, fun stories or whatever might be posted that day, look to your right and click on some of the sites I like to visit.
*Update on 8-26. A couple of people have just let me know that my blog does not allow comments. I am so bummed that I missed out for so long! I thought I had it set for me to moderate, because of the spam I was getting, but took it away completely. Please, write away! I would love your feedback!

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