Saturday, October 10, 2009

The one with the list of goodies

I'm back and finally getting back into a normal routine. The drive home from Texas was so easy, but after the adrenaline wore of I was plum tuckered out with a truck to unload and a shop to make pretty. While I take pictures of the new inventory, here's a section of my pickup list off of my blackberry to peruse...

petrified wood and fossils - outside inn gate
White Dental table next to greyhound puppies
Old cow skulls straight in to - bar w on left across from fudge puppies
lockers, small metal box, cart and wooden lab thingy - primitiques behind zapp hall
low round black metal table, rusty coffee table base, blue nice base, stool - mike bar w by bridge where green table was
tractor tills bar w at the end annie the dog
black screens - end of bar w by porta potties last row before excess
4 metal carts and one tripod base joe pete
turtle shells and antlers 4 bags at brians
red metal cart tin star first space across from hector
Sunday school prayer chairs door D coles
white candelabras marburger outside B
Antique folding table marburger tent A
Hornets nest tent B middle maggie
antique gurney - fluff tent a right hand side 2nd space in
Metal aqua locker cabinet A back corner
Roman candles for dominican tree took with
Stash studios Cowhide Purses took with
Carnival punks tent A


Anne~fiona and twig said...

Now you're a woman who knows how to HAUL! My kinda gal! I can't wait to see the pics of everything all set up, it's going to be spectacular!
All the best,


You found LOTS of cool items!

This was my first trip and I can't wait to go back!

Happy hunting,

trash talk said...

Great seeing you again. I'm glad you found so many wonderful things to bring back!