Sunday, September 27, 2009

The 6th one where I'm off to the big Texas antique show

Yeeeehaaaaw I'm off to Texas again! My big four year anniversary sale and party was such a success yesterday and I thank all of you so much for coming or just sending nice thoughts my way :) I've got a big wad of cash in my pocket and an eye out for old things with soul and beauty.

It's so hard to explain why this place is so magical. It's so large in scale and there are so many people, yet to me it seems so calm and leisurely. You can always find a quiet spot to sit (perhaps on a hay bale) or just stand and take in the wonderfulness of shopping outside on a lovely Texas day (even when you feel like you're in a hot tub with your clothes on). The dealers are always friendly and inviting. I love the fact that most everyone leaves all of their wares out at night with no worry about thievery. I love that if I'm walking back to my room after a fun night at Zapp Hall and I spot something I must have in someone’s booth, I can set it aside with my card and come back 2 days later and they've saved it for me. I love the variety of things for sale and the variety of people selling them. I love that what happens at prom stays at prom and there is no judging (of course I am an angel ;)I'll have an entire week to shop this time, so I'll actually get to venture out of Warrenton and Round Top and see what great things these other towns have to offer. In case you ever think of doing this, here's my schedule for this trip so you can see how it works: Flying into Austin early Monday, rent car and drive one hour to Warrenton to check in. Get my flip flops in the fields straight away. Shop, shop, shop some more, pick up Alice at the airport on Wednesday (she's an antique dealer, jewelry connoisseur, and a good friend who kindly offered to be my partner in crime for the trip home), prom Thursday night, keep shopping, switch out car for 16' truck on Friday. Saturday shopping for last minute deals, start loading up things I've bought from all over. Sunday final loading and get out of town. We should be home by very late Tuesday night, it's only 1835 miles. Forecast calls for hot hot heat and thunderstorms. Bring it on! I love Texas!

Now for the important news : The shop will be closed while I am gone. I will be back in a week from Wednesday bringing things in and setting up the new look and reopen on Thursday, October 8. Kate will be here on Saturday, October 3rd if you need a fix. Ok, I’m off!


red ticking said...

i was scheduled to go as well but i had to cancel so i will live vicariously thru you on your journey....have a wonderful time... just found your blog and i love it. i will come to your store next time i am in sf.... happy hunting! x pam

AuroraSuzette said...

As with Red Ticking, I will experience this through your (and others) blog. I'm so longing to go. September is the busiest time in my jobjob, so this will wait. Sadly. Thanks for the post.

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Hi, nice to "meet" you! Hope you're having a blast at the big show, I just got back. Let's compare junkin' tales when you get back!
All the best,

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Be sure to swing by my blog and identify your picture. I'm trying to get your blog some exposure. he he he ~Mindy