Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The one where I'm off to Texas again

On Friday I'm off to Texas for the BIG antique fair. This will be my 5th trip, and I am excited, as always, to see all of the good friends I have made there. Of course I am super excited to see what great finds await me, that's the whole purpose of these excursions, right? I'll so miss going with my good friend Jess, but she's a newlywed and now expecting a sweet baby (yayyy!) so I'm bringing our good friend Tamara for her first visit. I've been busy getting the store in order so you can still come in and shop and Kate and Dawn won't have too many questions for me. In the meantime enjoy these lovely images of east Texas that I have taken. See you when I get back!


Studio News said...

As always I can't wait to see what delicious treasures that make it home with you!

Friday..I thought I'd see you before you leave.:(

Have a safe trip my friend!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The Big Antique Fair?? Oh, that sounds like a whole big lot of tempation to me!! Can't wait to see what you discover there. Have fun!