Monday, April 06, 2009

The one where I am back from Texas Spring 2009, trip #5

Hey y'all, finally up to writing about our trip. As always, it was fun, work, and this time some drama. Tamara and I were much to busy socializing to take many pictures, so I'll have to paint a picture with words. Our first night in was 39 degrees, and we were tired from the flight (at least she was, poor thing had to get up at 6am and had a layover), so we settled in early to rest for a full day of shopping. Of course this is Texas, so when we walked out our door to the stalls they were still all closed up for the night. Yes, it was bitterly cold and windy, but some vendors didn't show up until noon! So much for getting out there at 9. Shopping was a blur all week, but the nights are not, interestingly enough, so I can only speak of those. We were ready to have a good time, and did so quite well. I had in my mind a mission to get out of my comfort zone in DT's booth and migrate to the bubble lounge, where they set up comfy sofas and chairs in the dirt and serve veuve clicquot, so civilized. We met the nicest people, as always. One night Tamara needed a real drink so we headed out to the Round Top Tavern, which was the scene of last years first night crime for me and Jess, the night which fairly ruined us for the rest of the trip. It was good, a few good songs on the jukebox and DT actually taught Tam a few things on the dance floor. I don't think she had ever 2 stepped before that. Back to the bubble lounge for another lovely evening. Some days after shopping we would stop at Matt and Nigels booth for some Kir Royales. One night into La Grange for some delicious Mexican, although half of us were dying from the cigarette smoke. I believe it was that night that love was in the air, must have been the warm texas eve.

Once again I will post my Facebook updates, it's like my diary, and helps me to look back and remember. In chronological order, I've omitted some to spare you :)

Is already in Texas in my mind, just need to get my flip flops in the pasture.
loves her new spinner luggage so very much!
Texas antique shopping day 1, both up at 7:30 feeling very perky, a very good sign!
bought new belt for my buckle that says "Wayne" on the back!
finally danced in texas. To the Clash:)
is finally in a sun dress and slowly wandering the fields
is enjoying a beverage on the veranda with a lovely warm breeze and good company
and Tamara are eating powdered donuts in bed
is sack lunch at Clutter!
is 2:47 in the am. Don't ask, I'm fine
is a rock star. Five hours sleep and out for our last day of shopping in a thunderstorm.
can't believe we didn't get a picture of the girl walking the baby cow!

On the way back to Austin, Frank (who will be driving our precious goods back), met us at his friends house. She is a fine artist with a white trash trailer on a patch of land in the middle of nowhere with the most interesting yard art, 2 forrest gump talking super sweet and polite 7 year old boys, farm animals, bad dogs and high on pot brownies. Anyway, I bought some of her wonderful stuffed creatures all made of found objects. I wish she had more, I'll have to go back in the fall to see what else she has come up with. You must come in to snatch them up before they are all gone.

Last trip to Texas I ran into an old friend from San Jose, who is now the most excellent picker and the ONLY person I would trust to buy for my store besides me. That's saying a lot. Anyway we are back in touch and he offered to bring our stuff back, since he was driving back anyway, no sense in me and Tam driving as well. Well, we started getting worried as the week wore on, Frank was a little worried about not having enough room, I don't tend to panic but was cautious with my purchases. On Saturday I got a call from a very cranky Frank, who was not having a good time picking all of our stuff up and trying to make it fit. Miss Tam was in a panic, texts were flying back and forth. Long story short thank goodness for Matt and Nigel, who helped him repack the truck and actually Nigel is on his way out in an additional truck to bring our stuff (and other peoples) back to California. You are amazing gentlemen, and I will not forget this. Frank, I am sorry you had to go through it, I won't make you do it again and I appreciate all of your kindnesses and generosity in Warrenton and Austin. You're a good man. I have no idea what happened, I didn't think we had that much stuff, I guess we shall see when the trucks arrive. Will there ever be a trip without drama? I also need to thank Clark, who offered to store the things I bought from him and Charlie and Kathy, who let us stack our smalls in their booth. I love you guys!

Since I didn't get many pictures of what we bought, (no idea what happened there, I guess I like a surprise when the truck shows up), I am posting my list that I faxed to Frank. I'm very proud of myself, he only could not find one booth, and I had taken a picture of it and the things around it so I could direct him from here, and I knew the dealer had been a kindergarten teacher, so he kept asking people if they used to be one. I will say that I am excited about every piece, it's all wonderful and I can't wait for it to get here - I'm hoping for Friday but Frank might take a spa day in Scottsdale and I just have to let him :) The pickups start at one end of the road, and go for maybe 1 or 2 miles, just to give you an idea. This is the list I gave to my friend Frank, who is collecting and bringing our goodies back:

Colleen shipment Spring 2009
1. Fishnet sculpture 6 x 2 x 2’
2. Gazebo wooden 18” x 24”
3. Metal table base 5 x 3 x 3’
4. Blue leather topped footstool 1 x 1 x 1’
5. wooden desktop easel 1 x 1’
*MARBURGER tent Bcb you saw me there
6. architects stool
7. architects stool
*COLES spot #123 si quaeris @ Texas and Cole sts
8. small green desk 3 x 3 x 2’
*COLES Yolanda @ Jim and Waco sts
9. painted bookshelf 6 x 1 x 3’
*EXCESS – Clark, my boyfriend
10. Butcher block 3 x 3 x 3’ (might need help)
11. playground step
12. small funnel
13. small grey gateleg table
14. grey bench
*EXCESS – Matt & Niggy Nutters
15. cowhide in burlap bag, iron pulley bottom of bag (on truck)
16. wooden railroad crossing sign
17. H-E-B bag of goodies, antlers, turtle shells, rosewood box, priceless stuff
18. 3? tennis rackets in holders
19. very small iron black stamp holder
*Bar W field – at 2nd fork in road on right/porta potties on leftsign in middle says “Nebraska glass and primitives” and looks like it’s pointing at them, they have a white tent
20. pine tabletop desk w/stuff inside
21. blue bookcase 3 x 1 x 3’
22. green 6’ bench*Tin star field – Hector 2nd booth on left (carnival rides)
23. blue grey shoe rack 5 x 1 x 3’
*Renck Hall (in front of hall look left)
24. blue primitive bench 4 x 1 x 2’
*Zapp Hall tent (to left of Zapp hall building)
25. make do pine desk (very light you could pull in back of zapp hall and run in to grab. From front of tent she is in the back righthand corner)
*Zapp Hall restaurant (on the left, I showed u that night) Big Jim and Debbie York (hi guys, thanks for the hospitality, you are wonderful!)
26. painted primitive work table 10 x 3 x 3’ (2 guys)
27. pine table w/drawer 5 x 3 x 3’ (2 guys)
28. pine lovely delicate shelf 5 x 4 x 1’*Kathy and Charlies booth (you met him, with light table) on left behind blue house
29. small white stool/box
30. pair red corbels 2 x 2’31. red bench 3 x 1 x 1
32. small grey box
33. medium grey box 2 x 1 x 1
34. ceramic white light fixtures? Inside one another
35. orange cart 3 x 2 x 3
36. orange cart # 2
37. Mennonite bench
38. Mennonite bench #2
39. bag of pillows
*Missouri girls (next isle to your right, across from virgin saints and sinners) up porch to open side door
40. white side chair (please tell someone you are taking it, they know u r getting it)
*At the end of the row, after Joe, look to your right, past the next isle and down into the field. Rusty guys behind legal tender
41. 4 tiller blades
42. enamel tub
*back out on the highway, same direction, across from 3rd base bar and next to the creek, booth out front
43. rolling shoe rack-blueish
Yayyy, all done! Thanks Frank! Have a safe and relaxing trip home. I hope to see you by next Friday.*Rusty springs and sieve in your trunk*kewpie doll headless bodies*additional doll part molds*possibly a wicker basket if I left it at Clarks or the boys space
The booth Frank couldn't find...
The field next to where we parked...


Studio News said...

any chance You and I could make this trip together???? I love the heat!! and the dust and the dirt......

xo :)

Colleen Hickey said...

Absolutely. I think we would travel well together. Just got the shipment in and putting things into place.

trash talk said...

Colleen, Hi right back at ya! I wish you could have seen Frank's face when he saw that work table...words just can't do it justice! Bless his heart, it was priceless. Glad you had a good time. Hope to see you in the fall when you know it will be MUCH warmer.