Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The one with the Steel Magnolia baby shower

I was thrilled to be able to host a baby shower for my great friend Jessie on Sunday. I was stressing about the backyard with the half done deck, the dead lawn and gopher holes, but everything turned out ok. Because she is a true southern gal, and her favorite movie is Steel Magnolias, I went with that theme. It really hit me that I am so lucky to live on this old chicken ranch. There's an empty acre next door that doesn't hurt the ambiance either.

Our friend Brigit had the brilliant idea to spread straw on the dead grass...
You can't go wrong with white linen on the tables.
I served BLT salad and gourmet mac and cheese. I wish I had a picture of that salad, it was so beautiful.
Here is the cute momma to be! She never takes a bad picture.

Brigit made the delicious red velvet cupcakes that had a little armadillo on top - in an ode to the grooms cake from the movie. She made a stamp by hand!
And here is Brigit and her new baby Finn enjoying said cupcake.
I had hats, sunscreen, and shawls available to keep the hot sun at bay.
We got a little silly with the photo shoots by the end of the day.
The kids table :)
The calm before the storm...
And after...the guests got to keep cool under the plum tree but poor Jess had to open her gifts in the hot sun. Luckily this was one of those perfect Santa Cruz days. Can't wait to meet you, Johann!


Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Love Steel Magnolias! I have directed the play several times...classic Southern charm! Your baby shower looked fantastic!

Check out Bella's baby shower on either of my blogs.



Little Lovables said...

It looked lovely!

I did a little post of your shop today :)

bodoba said...

Oh wow that looks absolutely lovely! So much thought and care put into it. I'm sure she was ever greatful. Good job!