Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The one with the 2 headed calf

I've been talking about all the cool things I found in Texas for almost 2 months now. I finally got a hold of the shipping company and got some news. Apparently, the warehouse that they rent to store everyone's purchases has gone into foreclosure. The gal was outside the courthouse when we spoke, waiting for an injunction from the judge so they could get all of the stuff out first. Pretty scary, kind of like the taxidermied 2 headed calf I did not buy, thank you very much.
I have put off my annual spring sale until the Texas shipment came, but I think I'll go ahead with it now. Looking at my calendar, I'm at the lake June 9-11, the next weekend y'all will probably be busy with graduations, after that vacations, hmmm. I will pick a date and let you know. My regular customers will get either a postcard or e-mail. This year I am having an as-is sale as well. I pick up a lot of great things that have potential, need a little work. I don't always have the time, so you will get lucky, you can do the work and save some money!