Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The one with the awesome pic of my granny cart at Alameda Antique Fair

I took this picture with my phone last month at the Alameda antique fair. My granny cart is pretty much loaded up like this a couple of times a day, before I get a cart for the big stuff. Here you see a pair of midcentury modern wicker chairs, 3 wooden stools, a 1940's chalkboard/desk with moveable pictures, a really cute wire 3 tier planter, and a stuffed dead gator. In the bags: dollheads, a pair of sterling silver candlesticks, a set of gorgeous antique books, a vintage handmade vase, antique linens, and antique silver baby cups. Some of these fab finds are still here, and it's on again on Sunday, so there should be something for everyone.