Saturday, October 11, 2008

The one with great finds from the Round Top, Texas Antique Fair

Ok, I'm somewhat back with the living. I had some design clients to concentrate on, and now I can show you some things I brought back from Texas. Above is my ghost deer, which I just painted white, I think he looks so handsome. SOLD My ode to travel, and wine. This old postal sorter can hold 135 bottles of wine in a unique and compact manner. SOLD The 65 BSA is still for sale. A closer look at the awesome map I found. It's plywood, and so intricately cut out. Someone spent a long time putting this together. Sorry, no Alaska or Hawaii. The airplanes are old hood ornaments I had sandblasted and mounted on steel stands. SOLD
These posters from England were behind Jess and I in my last post. I had to bring them home. SOLD
You know I can't resist a postal sorter. This one is so cute, it's even got a little spot for Fort Worth, and comes with a pencil sharpener!
This mantle is so huge and awesome, long leaf pine, from a mansion in Arkansas. It would be an amazing headboard, opening is 59" wide.
A wider look at my Halloweeny front window, what you can't see is my new dyed black enormous hide, like butter.
Yes, I am insane. I went to Alameda a couple of days after I got back from Texas completely sick and exhausted, but look! It was so worth it. A Georgian secretary, circa 1810, English.
So I have a shabby chic side, what can I do. This is the real deal, a million layers of paint on a substantial antique dresser, I could not resist.
Yet another stripped and polished vintage steel dresser, works great and perfect in a room with too much wood, or where you need a little modern so your house does not look like Grandmas.

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