Saturday, October 04, 2008

The one where I just got back and am sick and exhausted

We are back. Actually got back late Wednesday night after deciding to drive home in two days. I'm only going to focus on the positive so this pic was a fun time in the Clutter booth where jess and I were getting a little bit loopy. I found some really great stuff there. Will post more soon. To give you a quick little story of my trip I am now posting my facebook updates:
Colleen is in heaven. Here less than an hour, already 2 beers in and over 100 spent in the first minute.
Colleen is not giving into peer pressure anymore.
Colleen is a delicate flower.
Colleen 's hangover is possibly disappating.
Colleen is going to have a great day tomorrow.
Colleen is melting.
Colleen has country feet.
Colleen is finally in her element in Texas.
Colleen is pushing on.
Colleen needed a change so I just cut bangs with Jessies new toenail clippers.
Colleen is trying to sleep but Hank from King of the Hill is loudly entertaining the other guests right outside her door.
Colleen just heard a senator on texas radio liken the buyout package to "two cow patties with a marshmallow in the middle, and I ain't gonna eat that".
Colleen is exhausted, has a horrible cold, contracted pink eye, and is now leaving Abilene, Texas. I'm still in a good mood, though.
Colleen is going to drive for 14 hours today with the pink eye.
Colleen is home sweet home.


Chris said...

Great photo. Sorry we didn't meet too. Saw the great medical tray & stand you bought from Theresa at Garden Antiques. I got a lot of great stuff also. Looking forward to seeing yours. For a closer peek at my trip, look for the "Style" issue of REFUELED magazine in November.

Peace & Love,

trash talk said...

That photo is a hoot. I know you probably don't remember me, but I'm usually set up right be Royer's at Zapp in a big tent. Didn't get to set up this time, tho. Glad y'all had a good time. Debbie

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Love the pic!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So glad to have met you. I know you had a great time and found lots. Can't wait to see what you found!!

MIMILEE said...

Thanks Stacey for dropping by my look like you have a great blog. I will be back later to look it over! I hope you got lots of things at the Antique Show!