Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The one with some pics of the Summit League Homes for the Holidays Room

I have some photos of the "home for the holidays" showcase room from Raya, via flicker. The big files are on the way so I thought I would just tease you a little bit at a time with some of her pieces of art (her photography) of my pieces of art (my design). There are sooo many great photos. If you can't wait click here.
This room was very personal to me. I used the homeowners armoire, but I brought in the rest, much of it from my private collection like the teeny tiny antique bibles, family photos and toys. I absolutely love the way it turned out. Might be a bit old-fashioned but the room was titled "A childrens vintage Christmas", after all.
The little photo is my Uncle Craig on Santa's lap, beautiful cookies from the buttery.
My grandmothers gloves from when she was a wee baby. Monogrammed on the buttons, of course. Genevieve Cathleen Abels.

Ann, the homeowner, let me borrow some of her very well loved baby dolls.

This bunny has a home in the shop for now, but wouldn't you like to give her a forever home?

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a.diehl said...

wow...just discovered your blog; it's amazing. do you sell on line from your shop? could you post some goodies for sale on your blog? where's your shop exactly? wish you were closer to Benicia, Ca...I'd be in really big trouble. =) (ang1blondnonblond@hotmail.com) I'm a vintage junkie...i need intervention. smiles.