Saturday, December 20, 2008

The one with more pics from the Summit showcase house

More pictures taken by Raya Carlisle of my room at the Summit showcase house, I love this window so much, and these romans I did I think add just the right amount of softness without taking away from the fabulous architecture. They are done in one of my all time favorite fabrics, very soft cotton stitched with tall diamonds with stars inside of them.
I love this view through the looking glass. The topiaries looked so good that they get to live on the armoire now. Also love love the apple green silk ruffled bedskirts I did. Not my typical style but this room could certainly handle them and so they get to stay in the room too.
I found this great vintage church just in time to place it in the room. It's wooden with plaster paint and some of the plaster is coming off so it looks that much better. It's lit from within and has stained glass windows all around. It's for sale in the shop right now.

For more information on the homes and designers that were in the tour, check out this website - lookiloos. And last but not least, the whole reason for the homes for the holidays tour is to raise money for a good cause. I have heard from a little bird that it looks like about $125,000.00 was raised for PACE. That is such great news! I am so glad that so many people came out to take the tour. Thanks!

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stacey said...

Great news! The money is so needed!

The photos and your room look great!