Saturday, December 13, 2008

The one with my happy place

Now that the majority of the parties are attended and thrown, the christmas trees are decorated, and the showcases are over, I feel I can relax a little. Now that winter has finally arrived in Santa Cruz, (only 53 degrees at noon!), this is my current happy place where the mineral water is heated to 102 degrees . Until I can get to Mexico.

I have many great things for sale and more on the way, so if you want to help the economy and my well being please come on in and see what you can find. I'm thinking about attending the New York International gift fair next month (because somebodys gotta spend some money), so I am gearing up for cold weather like I have never experienced in my life and never thought I would ever have to, or want to. Should be fun and I'm pretty excited about the great things I know I will find. If I can get to my happy place I'm thinking I can soak up enough warmth to get me through New York. I hope you are all keeping warm and cozy with happy holiday thoughts and you are certainly welcome to borrow my happy place.

FYI the white deer head has a new home, the life size paper mache Madonna fom mid 1800's is $1800.00.


stacey said...

The gift fair in NEW YORK!!!! Oh I am jealous!! Sounds like so much fun and the treasures you will find.
When is it?

Stacey~ said...

I love this Virgin Mary! I just discovered you at the Summit League Home Tour. I can't wait to check out your shop!