Thursday, April 30, 2009

The one about the stuff that smells GREAT!

I love Votivo candles! I've not found a line with so many scents that I love so much. My favorites are Fresh Tomato Leaf, Soku Lime, and Sea Island Grapefruit, but I have a much larger selection for all tastes. If you keep the wick trimmed and burn them for no longer than 2 hours at a time, as per the instructions, they should burn for 50 hours. The finest wax blend and rich fragrances, you don't even need to light them to enjoy the scent.

I love my Mill Valley candles too! The people (in Mill Valley, CA)who handcraft these are super nice and thoughtful about what they are doing. These are pillar candles, and not as highly fragranced for those of you who might not want a strong scent. My favorite by far is the Citrus Floral, with the Ocean a strong second. What I also love about them is they will make any scent in any color, so I offer the Citrus Floral in both cream and a lovely sea blue.

I also love Voluspa! I have their reed diffusers, as well as the travel tin candles. Favorite scent in this line is the Vervaine Olive Leaf, followed by Grapefruit Mint Cuttings.

I am IN love with Tokyo Milk Parfumerie Curiosite. Made by the same woman who brought you Archive Bath and Lollia, this new line is so delicious. These fun, flirty fragrances are destined to become collector's items. Beautifully packaged in vintage perfume bottles with a typewritten label, totally unique and completely adorable. The names are as exquisite as the fragrance combinations and blends, all crushed and distilled to perfection. I've got the all natural perfumes and lip balms, and patiently waiting for solid perfumes, candles and bubble bath in the same scents. Gin and Rosewater, 'nuff said.

Yet another wonderful line is Olivina Napa Valley, in original Olive, and Fig scents. Candles, lotions, bath gel, all natural and so moisturizing with very unique scents. These sell themselves and have quite a following here.The lotion, bath gel and dry oil spray I use at home is Grapefruit by Archipelago. It's a true grapefruit scent, not too sweet or overpowering. I've also got the candle, soap, perfume, and hand lotion. Ask me for a free sample when you visit.

That's it, all of my fav yummy scents. All are made in the USA, many of the companies are run by women. As you can imagine I get a LOT of samples and testers from companies wanting me to sell thier lines. I have tried all of these and can honestly say that I love them and stand behind them. If I don't love it, it does not make the cut. Interestingly enough, packaging is what first catches my eye, then the product, and the company and practices behind it. Now come on in and give them a try, perhaps you'll become a scent junkie like me!

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