Friday, April 17, 2009

The one with some of the new stuff from Texas

I love these reproductions of a garden diary from 1906.
The awesome dolls I wrote about in my last post. Above guy is mine, below are all that is left of them.

Maybe my favorite new thing from Texas. Chubby copper doll hand molds. I'll probably remove the steel case so they can twiddle if they like when I am not looking :)
An espresso cup and saucer from Laura Zindel. I just got a new shipment from her and am in love.
This journal is wonderful. I've got all manner of handcrafted tablets and journals with a very vintage feel. This little book ties with a ribbon and looks old and used but is, in fact, new.
I found a batch of someones watercolors and sketches of the uk from the 50's. He's got great little descriptions of the places and how he intends to paint them.
Happy spring! Oh, mark your calendars for May 9, my spring sale and open house. Garden party style...


Studio News said...

The calendar is marked! Hope to get by some time this week!! Miss you :)

Love my crow..

When is the furniture arriving???


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore the doll hands! Wonderful to use as drawer pulls.

Urban Farmhouse said...

Ewwww LOVE the espresso cups! And the chubby hand molds AND the new but look old journals. I love Pamela Terry's idea to use them as drawer pulls. Thanks for the lovely place to land and visit!