Thursday, October 19, 2006

The one with cool stuff in Texas

I thought you would also want to see some of the amazing booths people create there. It is for 2 weeks, so they get there early and go all out.
One of the best things about this fair (we'll call it Warrenton, since it's technically different than Round Top) is twilight shopping. The different sections alternate the nights they stay open late, but even better is shopping after they are closed! Almost all of the dealers leave their booths wide open, so we wandered around in the cooling dusk, looking at all of the goodies we were too delirious to pay attention to in the hellfire heat of midday. We scouted out what we wanted to buy the next day, leaving notes to the dealers to hold things for us. Even small items like jewelry, were left out. That fact, and the warmth of the people, gave us an immediate feeling of home and trust, and family.

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