Saturday, October 28, 2006

The one about nightlife at Zapp Hall

Day 2 Night Life

We begin our nightly routine like so...naps, a couple of cocktails in the room as we get ready, and off to Zapp Hall. Dinner is some yummy steak and salad concoction. Mr. Danny Rae Tytenicz is our gracious host for these nights we will always remember. Our comfy seats in his booth face the stage, where excellent bands play nightly. In addition to the music, people on thier way to the bar stop by to entertain us. A very bizarre gal named Becky did the scene from Steel Magnolias for us "my colors are blush and bashful - honey, your colors are pink and pink" with the best Dallas accent. A couple of locals came by and did a comedy routine. The funniest thing all night was when Michael (one of the owners of Zapp hall) came up to the sheriff (who was giving DT a lecture) (and also breeds horses) and said this "hey, I need a horse for my daughter. She already had one she can ride, she just wants one she can brush and love on" Jess looked at me and said "a man is literally seeing another man about a horse" We just about died laughing. for those of you not familiar with this phrase, "I gotta see a man about a horse" is a way of excusing yourself to use the restroom. Like most of the stories of our trip, you probably had to be there, but it was so surreal, I had to write it down. See Jess below in her element. Above is Zapp Hall, band in front, bar on the left.

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