Thursday, October 19, 2006

The one about day and night 3 in Warrenton, Texas

Still day 3... Did I mention how HOT it is? 100 degrees, and humid, like stepping out into a bathtub at 8am every morning.

We set out to look for great things to buy. Amazing how everyone takes a check without asking for id. We found a wonderful space with the nicest dealers. I spent a lot of money and Kathy (see pic with Jess) invited us to her booth that evening for a beer. We met up that night at dinner, and after introducing us to other dealers (who were such gentleman, buying us all those drinks), she decided we needed to go to the inbred bar across the street to track down the woman with the breasts that could spin in opposite directions.

The bad news is - we never found her. Good news - I somewhere found the brains to leave early (1 am) and 9 beers later. We had WORK to do the next morning. I now must give thanks and say hello to our new friends from that night - Danny Tytenicz, red - the beautiful rescued pit, and the VERY cute Clark (see pic), from the great state of Nebraska.

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