Thursday, October 19, 2006

The one where Jess freaks out for the first time

Someone is pounding on the door, screaming "Sylvester!, Sylvester!" Jess is a bit freaked out , I yell that he has the wrong room.

She gets out of bed and sees something in it. I tell her it is part of a plant and flick it away. Then she goes out to the car and gets her bag and comes in a little more freaked out. Tension is rising. Someone with no teeth is gawking at her, and it appears that people live in this motel. She showers, I unpack. She comes out on a higher level of insane-ness, I unpack and ignore her. The rest of the dead cricket she has spent the night with is unearthed from her bedsheets. That's it, we're getting the h--- out of here, RIGHT NOW! I repack, wondering who I can call to talk her down....

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