Thursday, November 09, 2006

The one with the cool bug

Still driving home, somewhere in Arizona. We stop at one of the awful tourist gas stations with no gas pumps for a bathroom break and run in. On the way out, I look down and see a really big bug eating a dead bug just like him. I should not have pointed it out to Jessie. The car is not close and there are hundreds of these suckers. She turns into a raving lunatic. I should not laugh, bad friend. I guess they bite hard and draw blood. We were lucky, they spared us.
Cottonwood Jessie! On the way back, she would fill up on Red Bulls, put on my cowboy hat and turn into Cottonwood Jess. She was on a mission, driving like nobody's business to get us home. It was pretty scary, I must say. Throughout the next 3 days I saw a lot of CT. It was nice, since I could not talk to her I could actually try and sleep.

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