Saturday, November 04, 2006

The one called "day 3 at round top"

Day 3 at Round Top antique fair. Today we ventured a bit further out, and drove down the road a mile. There are many different "fields" where dealers set up, and each has it's own flavor. This was like an upscale shopping district in Dallas. You could find a farm table for $4000.00, a bergere chair for a bit more. These were not even fine antiques. I can see the draw for the rich texas women to come shop here though, they don't have to get thier feet dirty, and they have a good time at the "fair". More power to these dealers if they can get someone to pay that. I did find some good deals though. A pair of 70's Italian sconces that would go in any home, very different and fabulous. Also a midcentury modern steel wire chaise lounge that swivels and rocks. I love it! Above is an item I passed on. It's called "round wee go". Made in 1920, you put an infant in the seat and it spins around. Death trap, but the colors and the style are great!

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