Saturday, November 04, 2006

The one with the funny and sad sign

Wednesday Morning, Goodbye Round Top! On the way out of town we see this sign. The locals here, they ain't right, God bless 'em. We power through all the way to lovely Las Crusas, NM., and spend the night. In the morning we head straight off again. We decide at the last minute to take the bypass through the Sonoran desert and miss Phoenix traffic. There's gotta be gas stations along the way, right? It's 105 degrees, we're pretty much out of water, and definitely out of gas. Jess is driving, it's so stressful, we don't speak. Cell phone signal comes and goes. (we were NOT pleased with verizon's coverage
this trip, but that's another story). The gauge says 0 miles until empty for 20 miles. We totally made it to the station. We are SO lucky. We are blessed.

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