Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The one where I talk about my tomato tasting and anniversary sale

I want to thank everyone who made it to my anniversary party for coming. Thanks to Barbara at Meder Street Farms for donating the most scrumptious dry farmed early girl tomatoes for my tomato tasting. We also served some beautiful organic heirlooms, which I still have 30 pounds of... (I didn't want to run out, and a little tomato goes a long way). The toppings bar was beautiful, if I do say so myself. Friday night I cooked up a ton of crunchy bacon, a sundried tomato dip, carmelized onion dip, nice toasted garlic slices, and sourdough toasts. There was also goat, parm, blue and fresh mozz cheese, as well as the must have balsamic. It went over well and I recommend it highly as a buffet idea. Thanks to Allison for serving and making everything so pretty. Must also thank Meagan, Kate, Stacey Costello, and Cayce for being here and doing whatever needed to be done. Last but not least thanks Jeffery from Vinocruz for coming out and pouring and talking about your fabulous wines, and J-P for choosing just the right ones to complement the tomatoes.

Unfortunately I did not sell everything in the store so if you did not make it by come on in and see what's left. 15 days to go until big Texas antiquing trip!


Bob said...

30LBS of left over, wow...YUM!

raya said...

Sad I missed it! I am coming up next week so maybe I can help you unload a few things ; )