Thursday, September 04, 2008

The one with the tomatoes

Are you all ready for the party this Saturday? I now have 1300 people on my shop mailing list, so it's a big guess as to how many people will come. I now have enough heirloom and dry farmed early girl tomatoes for an army, and enough local wine for us all to enjoy (I hope). I have brought one load of furniture so far from my abundant storage unit, and have 2 more trips scheduled. I really plan on selling everyting outside before the days end. If the store ends up empty too of course I will be sad but hey, Alameda is the next morning, so I will get over it. So, Saturday at noon. Buy what you love, get a great deal, eat and drink fabulous local yummies, and visit with the nicest people in town - my customers!


raya said...

Wish I could be there! Hope you havea great day.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Had a great time!

Take care,