Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The one with the great information on the Round Top and Warrenton Texas Antique fair

A little more info on the big Texas antique fair:

Everyone asks me where this huge antiques fair is and I tell them it's in the middle of nowhere, seriously. So here is the map of the area. The fair spreads out to shelby, round top, carmine, fayetteville, and burton. is the magazine that is provided to you at the show to help navigate your way through. it's a short film that Chris Brown from Urban prarie did. A little different from the way I see it, but very cool. is a slide show of images from warrenton, where we stay, shop and hang out. I'd like to give you images of the size and scale of it, the tents and open fields of vendors, but can't find any.

5 hours flying out, 1841 miles, 28+ hours driving time back, 4 days walking miles and miles through hot dusty fields filled with fire ants in either a 100 degree bathtub or 32 degree freezing rain weather eating bad fair food with no relief. It really sounds bad when I put it that way but I love it, the people and hospitality and the wonderful finds and the beautiful nights filled with laughter and music make it all worthwhile. Plus I get to do it all with one of my favorite people, my girl Jess. It wasn't the same without her last time. 8 more days!


raya said...

I'm so jealous! And I think you'll be gone the whole time I'm in SC next week. I'll still stop by the store and see if there's anything I can take off your hands. Have fun!

Bob said...

Sounds like a lovely escape, may i carpool along!?!

Uber envy ;-)

trash talk said...

What a great PR post for the folks who will be selling at the shows. I normally am set up at Zapp, but am unable to do this show, but for all the others who will be set up, I'd like to say thank you. Have a safe trip and a good time. Deb

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I can tell you are just as excited about the show as I am. Thanks for including my slide show in your post. I know you'll find lots of great things and have a blast!!

Cactus Creek said...

I have posted a week's worth of stories all about Round Top if anyone needs more info... It is an awesome event!! So good to see everyone's treasures & how differently each person approaches the event. Blessings, Facy